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         Topline was founded in 2000 as a quick turn and high precision PCB manufacturer . The PCBs offered today have been expanded to include HDI, Metal core PCB,FPC,Flex-rigid circuits,Hybrid PCB and so on. Topline has been adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry and striving to be your preferred China PCB Manufactuer since our company was established.Customers have always been impressed with our competitive pricing,quality,on-time delivery and capability.We take pride in every circuit we make! Topline stands for Time-To-Market, representing how Topline's time-critical, one-stop services enable customers to shorten the time to develop new products and bring them to market.


        With facilities of 5000 square meters in China.we have a ability to serve customers all over the world. Our wealth of Rigid, rigid flex,FPC,metal core and Bybrid PCBs knowledge crosses a wide variety of industries and allows us to be diverse enough to take on any circuit design or technical challenge. Our engineers will impress you with their wealth of knowledge and experience with circuits board.What Topline has been doing is to bring our customers' design to top quality. Our PCBs can be found in many fields of government, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, industrial and communications.We focus on taking responsive actions that ensure continuous quality improvements while providing attentive customer support. All our quality control and managenment systems are designed to meet delivery and quality commitments to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We also realize time is critical for our customers, therefore we strive to provide quotes, lead times, and order confirmations in 7x24 hours or less. We pride ourselves on quick response time. Please don't hestiate to contact us with your any circuits board requirement and enjoyed an unmatched design and manufacturing experience coupled with a commitment to top quality and cost down solutions! Our long term goal is to build stable and high quality pcb solutions and enable possibilities to drive continuous improvements in service and capability. Our long term focus is prioritized not only internally but also for our cooperations, relations and organisational structure.We will continue to concentrate on the innovation and development of electronics hardware as always, and make persistent efforts on PCB, one-stop service, integrated circuit and military products. With first class service, we are going to create more value for our customers.



                                          Our Belief: Never better than last shippment!



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